On July 11, 2019 members of the Bulgarian parliament banned the selling of any type of tobacco products to children. The National Assembly, however, rejected the proposed Ban on smoking water pipes indoors, while more decisive proposals to improve the country’s existing smoking ban were withdrawn earlier.

Changes in the Transitional and Final Provisions of the  Health Act enact a ban on the sale and supply to children of: electronic cigarettes; refill containers; liquids containing nicotine; smoking articles other than tobacco; and water pipe products, not containing tobacco. 

Earlier in the procedure proposals for decisive legal changes which smoking opponents believe could have significantly improved control and enforcement of the Total Smoking Ban in public places were withdrawn by their proponent - chair of the parliamentary group of the ruling party GERB - Dr. Daniela Daritkova, before they were considered by the Parliament’s Health Committee. Daritkova is also the Committee’s chair.

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