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  • Non-scientific communications

    Non-scientific communications

    Many issues of journals “Наука кардиология” [Cardiology Science], “Наука пулмонология” [Pulmonology Science] contain articles, interviews and other informational materials prepared by PMI or published with their support. This is how the promotion of heated tobacco products in Bulgaria arrives to the medical and scientific community alongside a wave of industry-sponsored content not just around mass…

  • In the name of the People!

    In the name of the People!

    Why Sofia’s court ruled indoors use of heated tobacco legal? Richard Alibegov, the co-chair of the Restaurant’s Association in Bulgaria, was triumphant on November 1, 2023 when a District Court canceled a fine, issued to a bar manager in Sofia for allowing his customers to use heated tobacco products. The tobacco industry had greater reasons…

  • Heatable Journalistic Sources

    Heatable Journalistic Sources

    The BlueLink Foundation and the Smoke Free Life Coalition are not the first to raise the question of the interference of the tobacco industry – which has already developed into the nicotine industry – in Bulgarian society, organizations of patients, the scientific communities, tobacco municipalities, universities, NGOs and the parliamentary benches where decisions are made…